Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Country Boy Breakfast Casserole

My friends got together for a morning brunch on my birthday. Everyone brought something to share (except me of course). It was a lot of fun. I feel spoiled by the good friendships that I have made over the years. There is just something about getting together with a group of my girlfriends that just makes my heart smile. Anyway on this particular day one of my girlfriends brought a breakfast casserole that was to die for. Mmmmm!! Actually there were a few dishes that I just loved. This one though was just heaven and an added plus was I knew my hubby and the kids would LOVE it. It is one of those make the night before dinners which is perfect for a person like me who hates mornings. That way I can get all the hard work out of the way the night before and then just pop it in the oven in the morning.

2 bags of frozen shredded hash browns
1 lb cooked ham (deli honey ham)
4 cups shredded cheese
6 eggs
1/2 pint half and half (1 cup)
salt and pepper
1 large yellow onion, sauteed
1 lb cooked bacon

Cook hash browns in a 9x13 pan for 1 hour at 400. Mix eggs, half and half and salt and pepper. I cooked my bacon and then sauteed the onions in the bacon grease until they started to caramelize. Layer bacon, ham, cheese, and onion on top of the cooked hash browns. Poor egg mixture over top and cook for 45 min at 350.

(If you choose to make this the night before do everything except pour the egg mixture over the casserole in the morning. I still prepare this the night before so that I don't have to do it in the morning.)

Friday, 24 December 2010

Kneaders French Toast

I first had this at my brothers farewell. My mom made this for 100+ people. It is delicious. She is amazing the amounts of people that she feeds and the food is always wonderful. It really was one of the best farewell brunches I have ever been to and this was the highlight of the menu. It is so good. This is a recipe from Kneaders Bakery and you have to use their bread or it doesn't taste quite the same.

1 loaf Kneaders chunky cinnomon bread
8 eggs
3 cups milk
1 T brown sugar
3/4 tsp salt
1 T vanilla
2 T butter + some for prepping the pan

Prep a 9x13 pan generously with butter.  Place bread flat in baking dish.  Mix all remaining ingredients except butter.  pour over the top.  Cut butter into pieces and dot over the top.  Refrigerate over night or at least 1 hour.  Bake 45-50 min at 350 degrees.  Serves 8-12  Enjoy.

Carmel Syrup

1 cup brown sugar
1 cup cream
1 cup light Karo syrup
Blend together and heat on the stove top until warm.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Parmesan, Mushroom, and Bacon, Green Bean

Every year I make this dish for Thanksgiving. This dish of mouth watering goodness is not only tasty but a vegetable everyone will want seconds of. Now, just because I said Veggie's doesn't mean it is healthy. This is the ultimate loosen your pants let out a sign Thanksgiving dish. But oh, the calorie's are so worth it.   Even though the picture is not pretty, this is one you have to try.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it. 
 1 lb cooked bacon
1 yellow onion
1 clove garlic
1-2 lbs mushrooms sliced
2  packages Frozen green beans or fresh (not canned)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 -3/4 cup Parmesan cheese

In a cooking skillet cook the bacon at 275 until crispy.  (I do this outside so that I don't smell like bacon all day.) Set aside.  In the grease that is left cook the mushrooms, garlic, and yellow onion,  Once these have softened add the frozen green beans and turn up to 300.  Cook together until heated through.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Then put about half of the beans in a serving bowl add a layer of Parmesan cheese, add the remaining half of beans and top by sprinkling Parmesan cheese.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Macaroni and Cheese

I have made Kraft mac and cheese my entire life. I still do at times, although two of my four kids don't like it. This is still a great stand by, but if you want to serve your family a dinner that you spent time preparing just for them with a hint of thyme to make it more enticing this is a great one. I love the way that the flavors of this just explode in your mouth. It is becoming a dinner that I think about making just because it tastes so yummy.
1/2 tsp. Thyme
5 slices white bread (blended)
3 T butter
1 lb mac noodles (Large elbow)
2 cups chicken broth (4 bullion cubes 2 cups water)
5 T flour
2 cups milk
2 1/4 cups extra sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1 tsp salt
Fry bread crumbs and 2 T butter. Set aside. Cook pasta to Al Dente. Melt 1T butter, thyme, and salt. Whisk flour and milt together. add to pan. Then add Chicken broth. Bring to a boil. While stirring add the cheeses. Reduce to a simmer. Cook for 8 minutes. Put the noodles in a greased 9x13 baking dish. Poor sauce over the top. Sprinkle with bread crumbs. Cook for 30 min at 350. Enjoy

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hawaiian Haystacks

This has been around for a long time so I just assumed everyone knew how to make it. Then my cousin posted on Facebook for people to tell her what they put on theirs. Well it turns out a lot of the comments that she got were "What is Hawaiian Haystacks". This is a family must. It is so easy and every mom should have it in her back up. The best part is you can make it for 2-99. It is such an easy recipe. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. All the flavors just pop in your mouth. Mmmm goodness!

4-6 cups cooked rice
2 celery ribs
1 green pepper
2-3 green onions
1-2 tomatoes
1 cup shredded carrots
1 small can pineapple tidbits
2 cups grapes halved
1-2 cups cheddar cheese
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup coconut
1 cup Chow mien noodles.  


1-2 chicken breasts diced
2 TB olive oil
1/2 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can of milk
1'2 cup sour cream
1 tsp  Santa Maria Seasoning (optional)

Heat olive oil on medium heat.  add the chicken.  Brown the chicken with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.  Cook until no longer pink, and the skin is just browning.  Add soup, and milk.  Bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and add the sour cream and seasoning. 

Layer the Haystacks
First rice,
then add the remaining ingredients to your hearts desire.  The best part is everything on the list can be optional.  Just put on it what you like.  I would never put almonds on mine but I love the grapes.  It is up to you.  Enjoy

Friday, 3 December 2010

Creamy Lasagna

My cousin Calee called me the other day and told me about this yummy recipe she just made. I gave it a shot and it is YUMMY! plus it freezes. I love meals that freeze. We made this for our kids to have while we were out of town. When we got home there was a little left in the fridge and my hubby couldn't get enough. I knew that this needed to become a regular in our home.
Spaghetti Sauce:
1 lb hamburger
1/2 cup chopped yellow onion
1 can tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatoes
1 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Basil
1 tsp Italian Seasoning (optional)
1 small can mushrooms
Brown hamburger and cook onion together. Then add remaining ingredients. Stir. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 min.

Alfredo Sauce:
3T butter
1/2 pkg. cream cheese
3/4 C Evaporated milk or half & half. (Milk works also)
1 chicken bullion cube
1/3 c Parmesan cheese
garlic salt to taste
pinch of Parsley

Melt butter, cream cheese and milk on low heat. Stir together. Then add bullion. Stir in Parmesan cheese and garlic to taste. You can add more milk if it is too thick.

1/2 lbs. Mostaccioli Noodles
Cook in boiling water until Al Dente about 8-10 minutes,

1 lb Mozzarella cheese

Arrange in a 9 x 13 pan 1/2 of everything in this order: spaghetti sauce, noodles, Alfredo Sauce, mozzarella cheese, repeat. Cook for 45 minutes covered and 15 uncovered. Bake at 350. Enjoy.